Monday, August 28, 2006


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The Payphone Project

When the world runs at a sprinting clip, sometimes it's safe to sip. Take it slow, answer the ring. When the time comes, you'll do your thing. Pick up the phone, talk for a minute. Have a laugh with the time you give it.

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Monday, August 21, 2006

From Flock to the would be flocklings...

On Friday I was demoing all night at the Techcrunch Party at August Capital. To those not familiar with Silicon Valley, this was where all the web industry movers and shakers gathered at a Sand Hill Road venture capital firm's offices, to attend the party hosted by the most popular industry blog. Yep, that same Sand Hill Road where entrepreneurs go to pitch their ideas in the hopes of becoming the Google or Yahoo!. Anyway, one thing I kept hearing over and over again from the partygoers was "I've heard about Flock, but haven't tried it since last year". That's despite several positive articles by Techcrunch editor Michael Arrington since we released Beta 1 in June.On Saturday a blogger named Luke wrote an article about what your choice of web browser reveals about your personality. He had over a dozen browsers in his list, but not Flock. The post got lots of traffic from being on the front page of digg, a website where people submit stories and vote their favorites to the top. Almost a dozen people jumped in the comments and said "what about Flock?"So if you've heard about Flock a few times and haven't tried it out yet, why not give it a test drive? We'd love your feedback. Flockstars, why not find a friend that knows what it is and help them try it out?


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Amazon Down

Well, I never...

I'm sure they'll be back up in a giffy. Maybe I'll just go play with Gliffy.