Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Whaddup with MSN Live messenger or whatever they call it these days?

The connection has timed out.

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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Alpha Baby

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Another reason to download Alpha Baby.

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OLD TED new ted

Everyone now says the future is the touch screen. What about the no-touchscreen?

Pre-Wii 2002

Jeff Han's solo TED talk in 2006 (this completely blew my mind at the time.)


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Fun with en2fr

me: train
en2fr: Train
me: yippee
en2fr: Yippee
me: smart
en2fr: Puce
me: dumb
en2fr: Dumb
me: still
en2fr: Encore
me: buzz
en2fr: Buzz
me: comb
en2fr: Peigne
me: italian
en2fr: Italien
me: smart
en2fr: Puce
me: comely
en2fr: Comely
me: diligent
en2fr: Diligent
me: interesting
en2fr: Intéressant
me: beer
en2fr: Bière
me: I went walking last night
en2fr: Je suis allé à pied la nuit dernière
me: when I spied the comley lass
en2fr: Quand j'ai espionné la comley lass
me: comely lass
en2fr: Comely lass
me: when I spied the pretty girl
en2fr: Quand j'ai espionné la jolie fille
me: my heart raced
en2fr: Mon coeur courues
me: my soul divided
en2fr: Mon âme divisée
me: my mind made up
en2fr: Mon esprit composé
me: I had to go back
en2fr: J'ai dû retourner
me: I had loved her so
en2fr: J'avais adoré sa façon
Sent at 8:53 PM on Tuesday

Monday, February 18, 2008

Marginalia habits and my digital life

"I was brought up never ever EVER to write in books; some people have annotation and marginalia habits, but I never have had. I don’t even talk back to print books; they’re just kinda dead, dead words sitting on dead pages between dead covers. Reading onscreen is different. If I’m reading something I like, I can del.icio.us it or blog it or Twitter it, do something with it. Because I am a producer as well as a consumer of onscreen text, I feel closer to other producers of onscreen texts, and I feel a certain license to talk (and sometimeshttp://www.blogger.com/img/gl.link.gif yell) at the screen, treat the words as living things with a living mind behind them." Caveat Lector

I've always thought this as well. Since I saw the first blog and uploaded my first photo to flickr...

The world suddenly looked ripe for comments and feedback and marginalia. Now with Twitter and whatever's coming next, the world can easily add context to the content while adding their own content. There's truly room for it all on them internets.

Thursday, February 14, 2008


I grew up with beagles, so this was a special Best in Show for me.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Low Tech Ordinary Life

Heard about Footnote.com today. I guess they've been around for a while. Looks like a nifty service. Anyway, poked around and got reading the life story of Selma Eliza Day Lloyd. Had to keep reading until I'd read it through.

I ask myself this question once in a blue moon: "Will anyone care about the life I've led when I'm dead and gone? What will be left to uncover? What will be left to be read? Who will look for references to things I've done, people I've seen, met, married, sired, loved, wronged or done right by? Who? You?"

I've tagged this entry with places I hope will remember me long after I'm gone.