Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Widgets = little web tubicles
Widgets = weblets
Widgets = wee web
Widgets = tiny little TVs that only show you what you want to watch
Widgets = the new internets

Carbon Footprint reducer = powder detergent

I hadn't thought of this one, suggested on the Arico Blog (they make cookies):

Save Water with Powder Detergents
Switch from liquid detergents to powders. Laundry liquids are mostly water (approx. 80%). It costs energy and packaging to bring this water to the consumer.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Remember when you were 7?

7 year old kid (me) talking about Apple IIs back in '82 from natdefreitas on Vimeo

I remember taking a class one summer at the old Radio Shack on Erie Blvd around this same time.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Marketing specific feature-sets, landgrab mechanisms, and the internet

Ethan Kaplan writes about the additions of social networking features on his great blog. I agree with what he wrote, but my brief comment here is solely on his composition style. Kudos all around. For instance: "I don’t as of yet understand why the concept of “social” and “community” needs to be so semantically defined through marketing specific feature-sets. It should just be there."

Thursday, May 10, 2007
What is up with gasoline pricing? After reading this account, I want to ride my bicycle and never set foot on accelerator again.

If need for a car comes again, I'm going greasecar. A nice used Golf TDI... filled with biodiesel and running down to the local Mickey D's for some SVO fillup.

Mr. Clean is the man behind that shine!

JPG mag guru Derek Powa-to the people-zek has mopped the floors with other templates after creating a squeaky clean template, appropriately named "DePo Clean WordPress Theme."

Whilest I'm a blogger dweller for the foreseeable future, I will admire thy template from afar. I like it because it's neat and tidy. I'd like to see it in black though. (Smaller carbon footprint and slimming.)

PS Everyone who has picked up the JPG issue in my living room has loved it. Everyone, including my 70 year old blogging mother and our lovely 90 year old neighbors, gets caught reading, many cover to cover. If you're reading this, get ye to the JPG mag site and subscribe...or participate.

Friday, May 04, 2007


I've been listening to Sufjan Stevens a lot lately.

I felt the same way hearing this song on the train from NYC as I did twenty years ago when I heard Peter Gabriel's Solsbury Hill or Zepplin doing Going to California.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Omlette Patrick

Omlette Patrick, originally uploaded by Jrome.

Omlette, a three year old neutered male bobtail cat, whose full name was Omlette Patrick (he came home from the SPCA as Patrick, but the kids dubbed him Omlette), died Monday.

He was a lovely cat. Everyone always stopped to look at him and pet him. He was affectionate, loved to follow people down the bike path, trotted around with his female companions, played with the kids, and was the most adored creature in the neighborhood.

I already miss him.