Monday, February 18, 2008

Marginalia habits and my digital life

"I was brought up never ever EVER to write in books; some people have annotation and marginalia habits, but I never have had. I don’t even talk back to print books; they’re just kinda dead, dead words sitting on dead pages between dead covers. Reading onscreen is different. If I’m reading something I like, I can it or blog it or Twitter it, do something with it. Because I am a producer as well as a consumer of onscreen text, I feel closer to other producers of onscreen texts, and I feel a certain license to talk (and sometimes yell) at the screen, treat the words as living things with a living mind behind them." Caveat Lector

I've always thought this as well. Since I saw the first blog and uploaded my first photo to flickr...

The world suddenly looked ripe for comments and feedback and marginalia. Now with Twitter and whatever's coming next, the world can easily add context to the content while adding their own content. There's truly room for it all on them internets.