Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Writely is now Google Docs and Spreadsheets

I was bug eyed. Writely is now Google Docs & Spreadsheets. That's great unless you liked the Writely name. I did. I kinda also liked the pencil and the green. I see the pencil kinda made it through the corporate suits:

MS Word is an industry standard or more likely was an industry standard. It currently reigns supreme, the gold standard in word processing, in this office and probably yours.

But Writely, er, I mean Google Doc, has huge potential. That should be written huge potential. The ability to spread over the web, find itself on any computer (Windows, Linux, Apple, whatever) and be at the beck and call of anyone. Anyone, everywhere. Those are good traits.

I'm using it for everything now. Because I like the pencil. And I don't miss Word.

I just wish I could convince them to add a dictionary. How about it Google?