Monday, August 06, 2007

Apple TV, RSS, and My Prime Time

When I was in NY last week, I headed to the Apple Store in Soho to check out the new iPhone and "other stuff." The iPhone, which I've held before, continues to amaze. It really is a super slick device. I'd run right out and buy one if I ever did that sort of thing, but I don't so I won't. I tend to use the tools I'm dealt. In OUP's case, the ubiquitous Blackberry 8700. Still, I'm envious of at least one story I've heard through the pipes.

But more than the iPhone what blew me away was the AppleTV, all alone by itself in the far left hand corner of the store. (Or is it a museum?) "YouTube on the old flat screen tube. Hmmm. That's something," I thought.

But this morning, I read Steve Lacey's post and nearly spilled over my morning coffee - RSS and video on Apple TV. Brilliant! RSS, which has been my favorite flavor of the month is firmly in the running for flavor of the decade. Steve's little guide allows me to pump content I want to see into my TV. Or even discover content I might deem useful. Is it really so easy?

What about pumping in feeds generated from a search by tag? DIY videos on unclogging a sink or installing kitchen cabinets, getting stains out of wool rugs, or case studies in cloth diapers? (I've got a baby on the brain.)

This is just the beginning. It's probably already been done by geeks more powerful than me. But the simplicity of AppleTV and iTunes. That may be a winning combination.

If you've done this sort of thing, pimped your ride sort of speak, throw me a bone.