Sunday, March 23, 2008

(Not Judas)

This morning I was singing, as I am wont to do in the mornings (such memorable classics as Strawberry In a Cup, Jasper Doodle, and There's a Present For Me in that Diaper) when Maddy shouted from the living room that I was being too loud.

Memories of my own father being told to hush by my sister and I came flooding back. Good memories. I miss my father and his singing.

here's another memory from my mom:

Saw some church service last night and it reminded me of the time Dad participated in the Maundy Thurs. pageant at our church( Cincinnati,Maderia).  Men were dressed in costume and the last supper was enacted so when it was all done it was the scene of the last supper(like the painting).  dad was one of the disciples (not Judas).  Quite an impressive sight.  We loved that church.  The minister was as young as we our 30's and it was a growing church.  Lunardini's were their names...can't remember their first names.They had a daughter the same age as you, Linnea.  I ran the Bible school in the summer for a few years.  Did some work here in Tully, too. ...with just the Sunday school.  But once I got working at school I couldn't handle all the extra activities.

You know what Good Friday is.....Jesus was nailed on the cross at noon...put in a tomb and rose on Easter Sunday.  Just in case you've forgotten.