Friday, May 23, 2008

The Android will show us the way

Interesting that out of all the apps that SAI could have picked, it chose one that translates text messages. Odd that SAI didn't realize that Google's own gTalk already does this with machine translation. But more telling perhaps that people realize this is a key technology of the future. I want to talk to China or Iraq or Iran. People are interesting, just like me, no matter where they come from, and that's going to make this world better and smaller.

Android Apps Losers That Don't Suck (GOOG)

androidWe’ve picked out some of our favorites from the winners of Google’s Android app contest. But less than 3% of all applications made the cut, which means there were plenty of worthy entries that Google passed over. Here are three from the loser pile that caught our eye.

BabelFish: Text a friend in your language and automatically translate it to his.

Why it didn’t win: We suspect that this app just didn’t work that well, because most Web translation services don't. The judges may have also had an issue with the fact that Yahoo (via Alta Vista) already owns a Web translation service that uses the same name.

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