Thursday, October 16, 2008

The words in music

I don't know much about rights surrounding song lyrics, but 27 million unique users is pretty hot. The site is pretty much a disaster design-wise, so it seems to me this is just another fat cat licensing content and workin' it on a site that requires almost no work. I guess I'm expecting passion. I feel passionate about the music I love. But with these lyric sites, where's the passion? Is it too much to ask that the site look nice and have better search? Possibly.
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With more than 27 million unique users per month, up from 14 million
in December 2007, MetroLyrics went from the number three lyrics site
to number one in just six months and has more traffic than many of
the well-known sites in the music industry, according to comScore
Media Metrix. Now among the fastest growing sites on the Internet,
MetroLyrics has a daily traffic rank among the top 500 sites and also
boasts the number nine Internet property in the Entertainment-Music
Category based on total U.S. unique visitors [comScore Media Metrix,
All Locations, August 2008].
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