Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thoughts On a Skateboard

thought on a skateboard

While reading this, I was also watching this out of the corner of my eye.

His movement seemed effortless to me. That was what fluttered into my attention while my eyes were too busy with the blog. To see it as I did, just ignore the skateboard all together. It looks as if he's effortlessly traveling through the world like a knife through butter.

When viewed this way, his path selection boggles the mind. His seemingly random turns and the paths he chooses differ I think from those most of us would take. Yet, every time (at least in these clips) he picks the best line.

Lately I get excited when data gets processed. It can be fascinating at nearly any speed, though as I've grown older, I tend now to prefer high speed processing of ever larger data sets. Like a toddler watching a stone rolling or a kid rolling stones. I like the speed at which the course of action takes place.

If we knew what the skateboarder knew, ate what he ate, hung around him his whole life, I bet every one of us right now could imagine ourselves skateboarding like this guy. It's exciting times we live in, to process massive amounts of real-world data that we have at our disposal. We'll come further than we are now.