Monday, November 08, 2010

Music You Own that Doesn't Own You

Sometimes iTunes is too much for me. Always selling and suggesting. I gotta take a break from that, before I run out of pocket change. So I put on a record.

But taking a long listen to an LP doesn't stop me thinking: "Hey, where is the promise of all them creative software applications built on top of iTunes data to play my music in new sonically exciting ways?" Don't ya wonder about the best guitar solos in songs you own? Sure you've heard them many times over, but how about an app that can take me straight to the best measures of these artists'
 most cherished recordings. Guys like Nick Drake, Jeff Beck, Jack White, Andres Segovia, J Mascis, Eddie Van Halen, Jimmy Page, Jimmy Hendrix. Here's what the app looks like, push this big button, move this slider. There! 10 minutes of guitar bliss. Just like putting on a record.

I'm waiting patiently. I can hear it all in my head now...