Monday, February 14, 2011

ever wonder what's happening in the world tonight when Twitter is over capacity?

a few observations

twitter is down. just checked.

pretend it's 1:00am on valentine's day, like it was as I just glanced at the clock when I wrote this. so, I guess it was happy valentines. i got be mine.

okay. now that that's over, I got real substance.

first up, news. what's up with the news? I mean new news. not old man's news.

huff po on ye olde aol? somebody gonna for sure rename aol. I mean, news is gonna be their bidness. So name change, I vote for Hapoluff, which translated back into its native German is Hasselhoff. Somebody call David! 

huff po does, remember, have aces besides huff po itself, in fact it's got a veritable Google think tank that specializes in how information flows on the web naturally. If you don't know them, aol acquired the google reader guys from Brizzly (also an aol product that will be super huge with news reading and sourcing. 

those google reader guys are smart. turducen, i just love the brizzly trend definer api! by which i mean i love the concept. i know nothing of its effectiveness because i don't use it, but I should. you should check it out if you haven't already.

twitter is back up. OMG the grammies brought it down?! holy shit. time to get artsy on the interwebs and everybody else scream, save art! look at all that cool stuff to buy on the internet!!! Buy stuff!!! Woot. while you listen to music and be cool.

be cool