Saturday, November 19, 2011


oct 21

  • Then Gaddafi died. Huffington Post Full Feed
  • Acting Prime Minister Mahmoud Jibril said he had been shot in the head in an exchange between Gaddafi loyalists and National Transitional Council fighters. BBC Top Stories
  • The death of Moammar Gaddafi, which prompted jubilation in Tripoli and relief in Western capitals on Thursday, must be seen as the beginning and not the end of Libya’s transformation. Washington Post Opinions
  • " There is much still to be resolved about that issue and Gaddafi, whether he was involved or not, might have been able to clear up a few points about that and now that he is dead we may have lost an opportunity for getting nearer to the truth, " he told Sky News. Seattle Times
  • In response to Gaddafi's death, celebrations erupted in Libya and neighboring nations. Huffington Post Full Feed
  • The NATO airstrikes on Gaddafi’s convoy Thursday included a missile launched from a U.S. drone aircraft.Washington Post Politics
  • As impressive as obtaining the definitive outcome of Gaddafi's demise is the deft way that Obama orchestrated it. Huffington Post Full Feed
  • The dead Gaddafi was seen with half-open eyes, as if staring at the camera, bloodied but ashen, looking hauntingly like himself, but with the odd, theatrical mask of a white-faced geisha. Washington Post Lifestyle
  • Anti-Gaddafi fighters celebrate the fall of Gaddafi in Sirte October 20, 2011. Reuters International
  • Gaddafi killed in crossfire, says Libya 's interim prime minister Guardian World

  • oct 23

  • For those of you who want to witness the current situation in Libya with your own eyes but are too squeamish to watch the graphic footage of Gaddafi 's capture head-on, watch this on-the-ground footage of the wreckage of a Gaddafi convoy after a NATO airstrike. Daily Beast Most Recent
  • Qatar, ruled by the al-Thani Sunni monarchy for more than a century, was a key backer of tribal forces fighting against Gaddafi and has an influential voice in the Arab world, thanks to the Doha-based Al Jazeera and to its mediation efforts. Reuters Media
  • Gaddafi was killed on Thursday as government fighters routed his followers from their remaining positions in the city but the circumstances of his death remain unclear. Toronto Sun News
  • Graham claimed that the U.S. could have removed Gaddafi from power earlier and that the war has made insufficient progress over the past " six months. Huffington Post Full Feed
  • Mr Goubrani said Gaddafi 's body would be handed over to people from his tribe for burial. BBC Top Stories
  • Indeed, the fortuitous timing of Gaddafi 's death has knocked the news of the US withdrawal from Iraq almost entirely off the media 's agenda. Guardian World
  • Gaddafi will requests Sirte burial as Libya set to declare liberation Guardian World
  • Mlegta said Gaddafi 's Niger-based security chief Abdullah al-Senussi had been in contact with Saif al-Islam to try to help him escape and flee to the Sahelian country " but our brigades are encircling this area south of Bani Walid. Reuters International
  • There is growing international disquiet about the chaotic scenes surrounding Gaddafi 's apparent summary execution following the fall of his hometown of Sirte Thursday. Reuters Politics
  • Gaddafi was captured and killed on Thursday after being ousted from power two months ago. Reuters International
  • Gaddafi 's body lay on a mattress on the floor of the cold room, as it did on Friday when hundreds of members of the public filed in to see for themselves that the man who ruled Libya for 42 years was dead. Reuters Most Read
  • Meanwhile, the People thinks Gaddafi 's death may prove to be " good news for hard-pressed Brits " as the return of oil production could see petrol prices drop. BBC Top Stories