Thursday, March 31, 2005

Toothbrushes of Note

Braun DLX. Now appearing live in our bathroom. Helping to keep mine clean and tidy. The kit we bought direct from our dentist. The toothpaste we supplied.

While still partial to recycline's Preserve model (kids version too!) I think I like the Brauny. It could just be ordinarily that new things are likeable. Unlike the pimply faced kid who just moved in down the block.

It does make your bathroom a bit like a Euro-Disco at night. Not the kid. The new brush on the recharge stand. To be honest, I thought the cops were busting me for a late night potty break, but it was just the blue light a-flashing.

Last night, in a partial daze, I felt like I was gonna have a, um, moment with a Peace Officer. Here's the conversation: "Really, Officer, sir, madam. I think I own this bathroom, and although I do have my pants down at the moment, and may be half asleep, I don't think you need to have your blue light flashing...maybe you could persuade me I'm breaking some decency ordinance with holes in my pants, but do you really need the flashing IS 4:27am after all...what!? These pajamas are not indecent! I got these on sale at Macy's - they're Calvin Klein - for like $20!"

I didn't pay with a new fangled $20. I think I used the old fashioned Jackson. No, wait, I probably charged it. Yep, got a few miles.