Friday, April 01, 2005

Failure, oh so ordinary!

There are many failures that go unacknowledged. Failures in relationships ("he/she was always on my back" "he never picked up" "she never stopped complaining") often get blamed on the other person. Self blame is a terrible thing in this modern age. Humility is gone. The swaggering braggert is king or president, and the USA, despite oh, so many failures, is in charge? It's ordinary.

Failure on purpose is another story. The ability to knowingly derail the myth of success is a tough one.

"If the art of the failure on purpose could be taken for what it is... then maybe you'll be alright. Sort of enjoying the success of not succeeding on purpose?" - Jack White

Meg and Jack have a new album coming out in June. Here's a snippet:

White Stripes Set June 14 Release Date For New CD

03/29/2005 2:00 PM, LAUNCH
LAUNCH Radio Networks

The White Stripes have set June 14 as the release date for their fifth full-length album, which the duo recently finished recording at singer/guitarist Jack White's home studio in Detroit, Michigan. The disc's title has not been announced yet. The record follows up 2002's Elephant, which has sold 1.7 million copies since its release, according to

The White Stripes will return to live performing in May and June, playing a handful of shows in Mexico during May and appearing at Atlanta's Midtown Music Festival on June 10. The pair will also perform at England's prestigious Glastonbury Festival on June 24.

For kind souls who don't know much about the WS other than what they hear on the radio, I think it best to forget what you heard on the radio, then take your pizza money and go buy De Stijl, the stripes' second album. Buy the vinyl if you can. Buy an old used turntable. Be less than ordinary about it, okay? They're not an ordinary band. When you've heard them play you should also buy their first album and their fourth album, and then all the rare stuff you can find. But more than anything, you should go see them perform. They are performers. Entertainers. It's just wholesome entertainment. And don't forget your earplugs.