Wednesday, May 03, 2006


I work in an office. It's usually quiet. But Monday, they ripped out ourkitchenette. They put the Bunn in the hallway just outside the door, and put sheet plastic up with duct tape that didn't really stay stuck to the wall. This building was built in the 1930s. I'm sure there are things in the walls that we're not supposed to breath. I moved (they ripped up my office to expand the kitchenette) to a closed off section of the building, and yesterday, when I came over to see the work, I smelled the dust. Chalky dusty. The air wasn't exactly thick with it, but I could easily tell there was construction going on. I could certainly hear it too! It was loud - I mean the crew was using powertools, like reciprocating Sawzalls, that usually require ear protection. There are probably fifteen people who work in this half of the building, working 8 hours without proper ventilation or dust masks.

I wonder why they couldn't have done this after hours? To listen to the Sawzall for 6-8 hours has made me and just about everyone a bit edgy, and I'm not even sitting right outside the door!