Monday, April 30, 2007

Finding out...about

I hit the links this morning when I should have gone golfing. That rain we had has let up and my roofers are up top shingling away. Anyway, I came across a statement I thought I'd share on a widely Dugg article about Google and a recent whoopsie it had with personalized homepages, "Google scrambles to restore deleted homepages."

The part I want to share has really nothing to do with the story. It's the editor's note that followed: "Editor's Note - This story is a perfect example of how we learn about new features in software and technology during our workday. We've always seen the personalized homepage option inside of Google, but never bothered to play around with it until we started writing this story. We made a brand spanking new Google page in about 3 minutes, complete with Tom's Hardware Guide, Engadget and Digg feeds. We also included a Gmail feed."