Thursday, September 27, 2007

Tagging on Live Search... probably not in our Livetimes

I'm a fan of tagging. I'm also a fan of social bookmarking and responsible networking features for certain web services. I would hope that this remark isn't the official stance and is just out of context or wrong. Maybe MS knows something we don't about these new fangled web 2.0 features? I rather doubt it. Perhaps MS needs to hire some 15 year olds as product managers. Get some green interns. New life. New ideas. New something.
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4. Speaking of subsequent releases, Microsoft is sticking to its plans to do a major spring and a fall release every year of Live Search, with incremental updates coming in between. The spring release, according to Live Search General Manager Derrick Connell, will bring enhancements around “community.” (He wouldn’t elaborate.) This doesn’t sound like tagging/social bookmarking kinds of stuff, as Connell told me that Microsoft decided those features appealed to too small a percentage of the potential user base. Maybe we’ll see more peer reviews/recommendations across areas beyond shopping…? Just a guess…. And what about rumors I had heard regarding Live Search allowing users to search their Outlook e-mail? “There’s a tie-in there,” Connell said, and Microsoft will have more to say about it later.
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