Sunday, January 17, 2010

From the Harper's Index

I wanted Harpers to send you, kind reader, this link to the Harper's Index, which is really funtastic:

Best wishes,


Hey, and Harper's wanted me to tell you that you can Subscribe today for $16.97/yr and get instant web access to 159 years of Harper's Magazine. But will you ever read it all? Maybe they should charge you $5 and hope you never come to the site, just graze once or twice. I'd forget to come back, truth be told. Plunk down my money and I would just plain forget. Maybe I could pay them to remind me to come back and read? I guess if you're a real reading type person, $16.97 per year will sound just over the top outrageously cool. But you know what would have been even more fun? Paying $34.07 per year, because it kinda spells LOVE if you look at it upside down and have bad eyesight. I wonder if you could actually pay that amount...ya know, just to show your affection and spread your cash around. Click the link below and try to ask them! Enjoy!!!