Tuesday, February 07, 2012


feb 7
  • Everyone thought a lot of her. BBC Top Stories
  • We have computers now, everyone. Washington Post National
  • Everyone knows that Governor Romney’s top-down, government-run mandated health insurance plan was the basis of ObamaCare. Washington Post Opinions
  • This weekend, during an interview with Bloomberg TV’s Al Hunt, Michele Bachmann emitted several of the pronouncements that so endeared her to the commenting public and so bewildered everyone else. Washington Post Opinions
  • Once the other judges figure out its a duo, everyone spins around to check out the happy couple. Washington Post Entertainment
  • " I 'm sorry to everyone I 've hurt, " he is heard saying. Seattle Times full feed
  • Britain 's attorney general said Tuesday he understands why the government is angry about a court 's decision to release an extremist cleric described as one of Europe 's leading al-Qaida operatives on bail but that authorities must follow the rule of law with everyone. Seattle Times full feed
  • "I 'm sorry to everyone I 've hurt." CNN U.S.
  • From the time your bags are checked at the airport to guards checking your car at your hotel, everyone's senses are heightened. CNN Travel
  • Not everyone agrees. CNN Travel
  • "She made a much bigger effort to say hello to nearly everyone, making rounds around the whole club before joining Jay-Z and guests in the VIP room," an onlooker tells Us. MSNBC Entertainment
  • Throwing a pie in someone's face is funny in America, not so much other places, and even here, not everyone sees the humor in wasting a perfectly good dessert. LA Times Commentary