Sunday, February 05, 2012


feb 5
  • Russia and China have handed Syria 's government a " licence to kill ", say opposition activists, after the two countries vetoed a UN resolution. BBC Top Stories
  • Russia drew Washington 's fury on Saturday when it vetoed a U.N. Security Council resolution on Syria. Seattle Times full feed
  • Hamas officials say a senior member of the Palestinian militant group has left Syria because of the government 's crackdown on an uprising there. Seattle Times full feed
  • A few dozen Canadians of Syrian descent protested in front of Syria 's embassy in Ottawa, calling on the international community to intervene and end the violence in Syria. CBC Top Stories
  • Well of course Russia is going to veto any resolution on Syria, they support the President, Russia arms and sells Syria all of its military weapons, Army, Navy and Air Force and Russia does n't seem to have a problem with the Syrian President slaughtering and killing innocent unarmed civilians who want change from this brutal dictatorship. CTV News Latest
  • The Russian and Chinese veto of a U.N. resolution aimed at ending Syria 's bloodshed drew stinging criticism from Arab and Turkish officials on Sunday, and Tunisia 's prime minister said that cutting ties with the Syrian regime is the " least that we can do. Seattle Times full feed
  • Western nations have deplored the vetoing by Russia and China of a UN resolution condemning the crackdown in Syria on anti-government protests. BBC World
  • This image from amateur video made available by Shaam News Network on Saturday, Feb. 4, 2012, purports to show a wounded man being treated at a field hospital in Homs, Syria. ABC News World
  • Hamadi Jebali spoke at an annual gathering of security officials in Germany, where Yemeni Nobel Peace Prize winner Tawakkul Karman also said Russia and China bear moral responsibility for killings in Syria and urged governments to expel Syrian ambassadors. ABC News World
  • US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has described as a " travesty " Russia and China 's veto of a UN resolution condemning Syria 's crackdown against anti-government protesters. BBC Top Stories
  • Clinton calls for ' friends of democratic Syria ' to unite against Bashar al-Assad Guardian World