Friday, January 05, 2007

Equally Generous

Erin: So I'm at the Ugly Mug? And this rad old dude Ivan is here and he is always
here. Everybody knows him, and he is really social and rad. He cooks dinner
for a bunch of people every Sunday night. He invited me once, just because I
was sitting at the next table. Everybody loves him and looks out for him,
it's so great.

So yeah, I'm here and he's a few tables over and everybody is talking about
the gnarly accident on Hwy17 yesterday. Ivan announces that he has 70 years'
driving experience. "I started driving when I was 10."

I was kinda laughing to myself and looking at him and then the guy at the
table next to Ivan caught my eye and was smiling and nodding back to me.

He likes Ivan, too.