Tuesday, December 13, 2011


jun 26

  • Six feet tall and willowy, with a head of honey hair and fierce blue eyes, she picked up gigs as a runway model while living Ireland in her early 20s, and then back in Canada when she returned to help care for her mother, who died of smoking-induced lung cancer at 46. LA Times Health
  • South Asian cinema 's spotlight has shifted to Canada, as the International Indian Film Academy Awards holds its first-ever gala in Toronto. CBC Top Stories
  • The FBI task force assigned with the job of tracking Bulger down periodically announced that there were “credible sightings” of the mobster in locales as widespread as England, Ireland, Canada, Prague, and southern Louisiana. Daily Beast Blogs and Stories
  • The Germans, who face Canada in an opening-day match Sunday in Berlin, have spent about two months in training camp and have won their last four exhibitions by a combined 15-0. Seattle Times full feed
  • But there is no transfer agreement now between the N.H.L. and the Kontinental Hockey League, and the Russians have started a junior league mirroring those in Canada. New York Times, Sports
  • Some demonstrators held up signs with slogans such as " Canada is not a police state " and " Public inquiry now, " demanding a public inquiry into the actions of police. CTV News Latest
  • The expansion Whitecaps ( 2-7-8 ) are winless in eight games outside Canada. Seattle Times full feed
  • But if the U.S. doesn't approve its pipeline promptly, Canada might increasingly look to China, thinking America doesn't want a big stake share in what environmentalists call " dirty oil, " which they say increases greenhouse gas emissions. Seattle Times full feed
  • The legislation actually provides members of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers slightly lower wages than the last offer from Canada post. Huffington Post Full Feed
  • Some held signs with slogans like " Canada is not a police state " and " Public inquiry now. Huffington Post Full Feed

  • dec 12

  • Canada will formally withdraw from the Kyoto protocol on climate change, a government official told Reuters on Monday, making it the first nation to pull out. Reuters Most Read
  • The aspen die-off, called Sudden Aspen Decline or SAD, began after severe droughts between 2000 and 2004 and affects about 17 percent of aspen forests in Colorado, as well as parts of the western United States and Canada. ScienceDaily All News
  • Those backing the pipeline project say it is a " shovel ready " construction project, slicing through the country from Canada to the Gulf Coast, that will create jobs. LA Times Politics
  • The Obama administration says a Republican bill to fast-track approval of an oil pipeline from Canada could lead to the project 's demise. Seattle Times full feed
  • McLean 's listeners across Canada, where " The Vinyl CafĂ©" debuted in 1994, and the U.S., where KUOW introduced the show in 2005 ( it now airs in 18 states and on Sirius Satellite Radio ), will likely hear a rich essay about Daisy Simone and the intertwining of different worlds through her knitting sometime soon. Seattle Times full feed
  • Through September more visitors — and dollars — have come to Florida from Brazil than from the United Kingdom, which usually runs second to Canada in number of overseas tourists. Seattle Times full feed
  • The plan by House Republicans, expected to come up for a vote as soon as Tuesday, links the payroll tax rate issue to a provision to speed up government approval of a proposed oil pipeline from Canada 's oil sands production in northern Alberta to Texas. CNN Politics
  • Canada 's environment minister said Monday his country is pulling out of the Kyoto Protocol on climate change. The Guardian
  • In the end, it appears the Kyoto agreement will continue in place, but without Japan, Russia, New Zealand, and Canada, and that the parties are committed to negotiating a new treaty by 2015. Huffington Post Full Feed
  • Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., has said the GOP-written House measure will go nowhere in the Senate, citing a provision all but forcing President Barack Obama to move ahead quickly with a controversial oil pipeline that would run from Canada to Texas. Seattle Times full feed