Tuesday, December 13, 2011


dec 6

  • A European Union watchdog said it was investigating credit rating agencies to look at how they rank sovereign bonds and other debt and could impose heavy sanctions if it finds any wrongdoing by the influential institutions. Reuters Top News
  • The French, in the words of Thomas Klau, a historian of the euro, are latecomers to fiscal discipline although they have become " a bit more German " in recent months as fear of losing their top-notch AAA credit rating has mounted. Reuters Most Read
  • World stocks sank Tuesday, Dec. 6, 2011, after Standard and Poor's warned 15 countries using the euro that it could downgrade their credit ratings. CBS News
  • A rating agency's threat to downgrade 15 eurozone countries, including Germany, as well as Europe 's bailout fund has added pressure on the region's leaders to find a lasting solution to their crisis at a summit this week. Pittsburghlive.com
  • European Union leaders reacted angrily Tuesday over the timing of a warning of a broad credit rating downgrade days before a European summit meeting. NYTimes Front Page
  • Overseas markets also sank after the credit rating agency said it is considering downgrades for every nation that uses the euro and isn't already poorly rated. LA Times Business
  • Morgan Stanley analyst Scott Devitt issued a “tactical” buy rating on the shares, which he notes are down 20 % since the company priced a follow-on stock offering in mid-November. Forbes Tech 2
  • In what many are painting as a make-or-break week for European policymakers, Standard & Poor’s warned that France, Germany and four other countries could lose their AAA credit ratings, a move that would also hurt the credit worthiness of the bailout fund in place for nations like Ireland, Portugal and Greece. Forbes Wall Street
  • Louise Cooper from BGC Partners said France's possible loss of its AAA credit rating was not really news, but a similar warning about Germany was "a bit of a surprise". BBC Business
  • Standard & Poor's warned on Monday that 15 eurozone nations could have their credit ratings downgraded because of the current crisis, with a final decision due sometime after Friday's summit. Guardian World
  • “Federal matching support, which has largely kept pace with the program’s growth, has somewhat insulated state finances from the overall growth of Medicaid,” S&P analysts write, in a paper that focuses on why Medicaid won’t bust states’ credit ratings. Washington Post Economy
  • But Putin 's popularity ratings, although still high, have fallen this year and he upset many Russians by saying he planned to swap jobs with President Dmitry Medvedev after the March presidential election, opening the way for him rule until 2024. MSNBC World