Tuesday, December 20, 2011


mar 25

  • Unions in New Jersey are forming an advocacy group free from fundraising or spending limits to fight Gov. Seattle Times full feed
  • But at least Europe is now showing the will to cope with this crisis, as a union of many countries and as individual members. Christian Science Monitor All
  • Paul LePage incensed union officials when he ordered the removal of the 36-foot mural from the lobby of the building that houses the Maine Department of Labor. Seattle Times full feed
  • There were no regulations back then and there was no union to enforce them. USA Today
  • "Currently, 45 states define marriage as the union of one man and one woman," €  Smith said. Washington Post
  • The court found in its Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission decision that the First Amendment allows unfettered spending on campaigns by corporations, nonprofits and unions. Washington Post
  • ) Kasich tells me, "We've unveiled the most comprehensive reform budget people have seen in a generation. €The union reform is key, but it's only one element to allow local governments to control their costs." Washington Post
  • NEW YORK -- The centennial commemoration of the Triangle shirtwaist factory fire became a rally for organized labor Friday, as hundreds marched and vowed to resist efforts to weaken unions in state capitals across the country. Huffington Post Full Feed
  • The call for protests has come instead from the Coalition for a Bahraini Republic, a union of hard-line Shiite opposition parties, and other smaller groups. LA Times World News
  • Enfield also signaled that she wants to keep the Measures of Academic Progress ( MAP ), which the teachers union would like to see replaced with better tests. Seattle Times full feed
  • The county executive is also calling on Nassau' s public-sector unions to make concessions to avert deeper cuts. NYTimes Front Page
  • An Indiana prosecutor said one of his deputies resigned Thursday after admitting he sent an email to Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker suggesting the Republican fake an attack on himself to discredit public employee unions. Huffington Post Full Feed

  • june 29

  • Trade unions began a 48-hour strike against the EU/IMF-imposed measures. Reuters Business
  • The White House, acknowledging concerns from labor unions, had threatened to hold up passage of the pacts unless the Trade Adjustment Assistance program, or TAA, was renewed. ABC News
  • Stern said there are few firm details about the latter - which has frustrated the union - because it can't be completed until a new deal with the players is done. NBA.com
  • Unions had begun a 48-hour strike that shut down services and staged mass rallies throughout the capital in another day of chaotic protest. The Guardian
  • Despite Obama's effort to tie the trade pacts to something the unions want, the AFL-CIO and other labor groups continue to oppose the treaties -- which they say don't do enough to protect workers' rights. CNN Business
  • The measure was the latest setback for unions, which lost battles to prevent Republican-run state governments in Ohio and Wisconsin from enacting legislation that limited public employees' collective-bargaining rights. Seattle Times full feed
  • Kelley, who was first elected union president in 1999, faces reelection in August. Washington Post Politics
  • In defending his vote, Steve Sweeney, Democratic president of the state Senate and a member of the ironworkers union, told colleagues last week: "No one in the last 10 years has advanced more pro-labor legislation then I have." LA Times National News
  • In negotiations with its union before the lockout, Canada Post cited declining revenue due to a decrease in mail volume as a reason for pushing back against workers ' demands. CTV News Latest
  • " I think marriage is... as defined by the law, " he said, saying unions should be between a man and a woman. Reuters US News