Friday, January 06, 2012


jun 10

  • The south, together with areas of the east along the border with Pakistan, has been the country 's principal battleground. LA Times World News
  • Success in Pakistan, which has had links to a number of plots against the U.S., will require effective action for years on both sides of the border. Daily Beast Blogs and Stories
  • A handful of additional mountain hamlets west of Arizona 's border with New Mexico have remained empty since their residents were ordered to leave days ago. Reuters US News
  • Another rebel spokesman Juma Ibrahim in Zintan said the towns of Yafran and Nalut had also been shelled and that Gaddafi 's forces were massing near the Tunisian border to try to retake the Wazin crossing from the rebels. Reuters International
  • The neighborhood that borders Coney Island is home to a large Russian √©migr√© population. Fox News Top Headlines
  • Washington ( CNN ) -- Mexican drug cartels have used cash and sexual favors as tools to corrupt U.S. border and customs agents, an inspector general investigation has found. CNN Most Popular
  • Information should flow freely across borders, but the scope of the Chinese effort to propagate an " alternative narrative " to Western media is unprecedented in financial investment and scale. Seattle Times full feed
  • Wolves have never been reintroduced to Washington but numerous sightings over the years suggested that the animals had crossed its border from neighboring states and British Columbia. Seattle Times full feed
  • The statement also tried to distance the military from the United States, saying it had stopped U.S. training of the country's border guards and ordered the U.S. to " drastically " reduce the number of its troops in Pakistan. Seattle Times full feed
  • We need to secure our borders from... Seattle Times full feed
  • The attendees seem a little less stuffy, the dresses and personalities sometimes border on outrageous, and there never seems to be a shortage of moments where I find myself wondering, " What was she thinking ? Seattle Times full feed