Friday, January 06, 2012


aug 24

  • Plus, what 's the best thing to do in an earthquake ? Slate
  • A 5.8-magnitude earthquake struck Virginia on Tuesday, with shaking felt in Washington, D.C., New York City, and all the way to New England. Slate
  • Many people on the East Coast had quizzical looks on their faces as the ground lightly shook beneath them when a 5.8 magnitude earthquake struck Tuesday afternoon. Huffington Post Full Feed
  • In meetings in Tokyo and a visit to an area ravaged by the March earthquake and tsunami, Biden said that as an ally and friend, the United States would continue to do all it can in the nation 's time of need, because he knew " you would do the same. LA Times Politics
  • 3 economy slipped back into recession in the first quarter due to tumbling output and exports following the March 11 earthquake and tsunami. NPR World
  • " Several factors make it difficult for Japan to slow the growth of debt-to-GDP and thus drive this rating action, " Moody 's said in a statement, adding that the March 11 earthquake and ensuing nuclear crisis had exacerbated Japan 's problems. Reuters Top News
  • Earthquakes and California go together. MSNBC Business
  • Hours after shock waves from an earthquake quivered Progressive Field 's upper deck, Shin-Soo Choo rocked the ballpark by himself. MSNBC Sports
  • An earthquake centered in Virginia briefly rattled Lamade Stadium but play never stopped. Boston Globe
  • And the top floor of my Maryland house — where I had been on the Internet, tracking the path of Hurricane Irene, to see if it was going to ruin my trip to Bethany Beach next week — was not the place to be during an earthquake. Washington Post Opinions
  • However, it was also hit by an earthquake and tsunami in March, and the rebuilding cost is weighing on growth and state finances. BBC Top Stories
  • The airline has also been hit hard by a string of natural disasters, namely the earthquakes in Japan and New Zealand, floods and cyclones in Queensland, and disruptions caused by a Chilean volcanic ash cloud. BBC Top Stories