Wednesday, January 04, 2012


sep 20

  • The Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles denied clemency on Tuesday in a statement, according to Laura Moye of Amnesty International USA, who quoted lawyers for Davis. Toronto Sun News
  • Davis lost his final bid for clemency despite overwhelming evidence indicating that his conviction for murder is unreliable. Guardian World
  • The 42-year-old Davis is now due to be executed tomorrow, Wednesday September 21st, at 7pm. The Nation Blogs
  • Davis is set to die on Wednesday for the killing of off-duty Savannah officer Mark MacPhail, who was slain while rushing to help a homeless man being attacked. CTV News Latest
  • The family of Mark MacPhail, the Savannah police officer who was trying to break up a fight in a fast-food parking lot when Mr. Davis shot him in the face and the heart, will look for closure after 22 years of courtrooms, news coverage and three heart-ripping stays of execution.NYTimes Front Page

  • sep 21

  • His backers also have resorted to far-fetched measures: offering for Davis to take a polygraph test, urging prison workers to strike or call in sick, posting a judge 's phone number online, urging people to call and ask him to put a stop to the 7 p.m. EDT ( 2300 GMT ) execution. CTV News Latest
  • If both executions go forward, Brewer and Davis would be the 34th and 35th executions in the United States in 2011. Reuters Most Read
  • Davis was convicted in the 1989 shooting death of Georgia officer Mark MacPhail. ABC News Top Stories
  • As the furious campaign to win clemency for Davis continued in the US and Europe, with supporters planning vigils outside Georgia 's death row prison in Jackson and protests at US embassies in Europe, Davis 's lawyers said their request for a polygraph test to prove his innocence had been rejected but that they planned another late appeal, this one aimed at blocking the execution by convincing a judge that some of the original evidence was questionable. Guardian World

  • sep 22

  • If we felt tortured with fear and hope for the four hours that the Supreme Court deliberated on Troy's case, how did the Davis family feel? The Nation Blogs
  • Most of his argument concerned doubts about the conviction -- seven of the nine key witnesses to the murder of MacPhail later recanted their evidence -- but his final reason concerned the manner in which Davis was put to death. CNN Most Popular
  • The merits of Davis 's case, as well as capital punishment, were debated on Twitter around the world in real time as the U.S. Supreme Court took up Davis’ plea for a stay and the clock ticked. LA Times Politics
  • The decision to press ahead with the death sentence, despite serious doubts over Davis 's guilt, has brought the debate about the death sentence into focus. Guardian World
  • Davis is scheduled to die Wednesday for the killing off-duty Savannah officer Mark MacPhail. Washington Post National
  • Davis was later executed on Wednesday, however. CNN Top Stories
  • Davis and other Republicans acknowledged the importance of the bridge for people traveling between Ohio and Covington, Ky. Fox News Top Headlines
  • Hundreds of thousands of Davis supporters worldwide who took up the anti-death penalty cause as his final days ticked away. Fox News National
  • Davis died by lethal injection just after 11: 00 p.m. local time ( EDT ) as hundreds of demonstrators gathered outside to declare his innocence. VOA News