Friday, January 06, 2012


jun 1

  • CAPE CANAVERAL ( Reuters ) - The shuttle Endeavour crew closed the payload bay doors in preparation for a scheduled landing early on Wednesday, as sister ship Atlantis neared the launch pad for the shuttle program 's final flight. Reuters Top News
  • " The retirement of Endeavour and the shuttle fleet will not end the human need to explore, " he said in comments from space that were posted on NASA 's website. CNN Most Popular
  • ET to complete NASA 's next-to-last shuttle flight. CBC Top Stories
  • Endeavour and its crew of six zoomed toward a middle-of-the-night landing Wednesday to bring NASA 's second-to-last space shuttle flight to a close. ABC News US
  • May 31: Space shuttle Atlantis is seen from the 34th floor in the Vehicle Assembly Building before rolling out to Launch Pad 39A at the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Fla. Atlantis will make the final flight ever by a space shuttle in just five weeks to end the 30-year program. Fox News SciTech

  • jul 10

  • The space shuttle Atlantis is chasing after the International Space Station for the final time and they 'll hook up Sunday morning. NPR News Headlines
  • Each year the market provides an incentive for about 22-24 first-time artists by providing them with a financial assistance package that includes their airfare, hotel, shuttles, and hosting, said Ernesto Torres, the Director of Artist Relations for the Market. Reuters US News
  • The van is part of a city program that picks up inebriated people and shuttles them to sleeping center. Huffington Post Full Feed
  • I was at Cape Canaveral for the shuttle Columbia 's first flight in April 1981, and I covered many other shuttle missions. LA Times Commentary
  • " Godspeed, Atlantis, " read a sign held up by a member of the ground crew who sealed the shuttle 's hatch for the last time. CNN Top Stories
  • This will be lifted out of the shuttle 's payload bay and attached directly to the station on Monday. BBC Top Stories
  • One town pilot-tested a shuttle for seniors to supplement bare-bones public transit. MSNBC Top Headlines
  • Menocal said Cabral had initially planned to take a hotel shuttle to the airport, but accepted a ride from Farinas. Guardian World
  • The space shuttle Atlantis is chasing after the International Space Station for the final time and they 'll hook up Sunday morning. NPR News Headlines

  • jul 21

  • Many astronaut accessories will be shelved when NASA 's last shuttle mission returns Thursday, and perhaps none represents the era of manned spaceflight better than the spacesuit itself. Slate
  • The Space Shuttle Atlantis docked with the International Space Station on July 10, positioning the astronauts for the work they would do on the shuttle program 's final flight. CNET News
  • Like many who grew up with America’s space program, I am experiencing deep pangs of nostalgia with the last flight of the space shuttle. Daily Beast Blogs and Stories
  • The shuttle launch is about 3 g-force; a rolling fighter pilot about 5-10 g-force. ScienceDaily All News
  • " As soon as I landed the space shuttle on June 1 and got through that flight and that mission, I wanted to find something where I could have a lot of flexibility as Gabby gets through the next stage of her recovery, and this offers that, " he said. Seattle Times full feed
  • "On an evening that is draped in emotion and steeped in history, down the hallowed halls of Mission Control here in Houston, this is likely the final shift in the history of space shuttle program." —NASA commentator Rob Navias, on the live-streamed coverage of shuttle Atlantis' landing. Boing Boing
  • “There’s a joke down here that the space shuttle took off, and Casey Anthony must be on board." NYTimes Front Page
  • Perfect weather awaits space shuttle Atlantis in Florida, as the 30-year program draws to a close. ABC News US
  • The Venus orbiter was the first interplanetary probe launched from a space shuttle. MSNBC Tech & Science
  • Space shuttle Atlantis crew leaves behind a special U.S. flag mounted on the hatch of the Harmony module of the International Space Station in this July 18, 2011 NASA handout photo. Reuters Science
  • Collectible envelopes postmarked for the first space shuttle launch in 1981 and the recent last flights of shuttles Discovery and Endeavour. NPR News Headlines