Saturday, January 28, 2012


jan 28
  • 1254: Sam of Dundee with a quick joke: " What 's black and white and lies in the middle of the jungle ? BBC Top Stories
  • As passionate speeches flowed, and pictures from Ntuka 's life were projected on to a screen fashioned from a white cloth, one man broke down and rested his head on the shoulder of another, who tenderly stroked his back. Guardian World
  • Azarenka has been a distinctive presence at Melbourne Park as much as for her shrieks and hoots with each shot and seemingly boundless energy as for her white shorts, blue singlet and lime green head and wrist bands. Seattle Times full feed
  • Franken went white, she says. Slate
  • White River led by 11 at halftime. Seattle Times full feed
  • White, who had been diagnosed with Alzheimer 's disease in 2003, died Friday night at his Beacon Hill home surrounded by his family, said George Regan, a family spokesman and friend. Fox News National
  • A skeptical Nadal, looking relaxed and assured in a white T-shirt, suggested it was mere naked gamesmanship. Reuters Sports
  • It also means a lot more can be done with adjustment brushes--the aforementioned shadow and highlight adjustments, for example, or selective sharpening, noise reduction, white balance tweaks. CNET News